Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2012 Written Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2012 Written Update by Madhavi_Di

episode start with shurya came to vish and said he want to do the best and he know that vish dont trust him and said he is came to take blessing of him and left. here akshi and g3 and bma making diya. and natik is doing something antra came and said him to see her work and naik said he will be but now he want to make diya with akshi and antra said he work the day and akshi have to do the house work and natik said he is not work jus t like akshi . tell ;her that akshi up before him and do all the house work and take care of duggu and do his work also and she never ask his help. but he like to help her and he want to spend more time with her and family. and said she want know this while she and sid live alone. and go to akshi and make diya with her . and g3 said akshi make so good diya and natik make one and didnt like his work and everyone smile and they all ;happy and antra didnt like this.
at M’svish come out and said he will sit with everyone and tanu come and mami call and said to put the phone on spekar. and then she said to vish that now he is feeling better and they should get tanu and anshu get engage after diwali and rj is not happy and anshu left from there.
akshi come in garden and talking to antra and said she is not doing this correct with natik she is to know that natik is not her and she sould know that he is married and she cant brake there house. and antra said she will take natik back and akshi told there rishta is not about each other its between to family and she should know that natik is love with his family. and she have to take care of everyone. and antra said she will. and akshi said then she can run the house for one day. and antra said ok.
here rj said anshu not to worry and they will take care. anshu said he will talk to mami a nd he know what to say and left.
here akshi talk to varsha and said all what heppen between antra and her . varsha gave her an idea. and akshi said ok.
in angan akshi is arranging diya and natik see this come near her and said if work is done. and she said yes and he hug her . akshi said this is not there room and naitk said he is in love and everyone is sleep. and they put mitti on each others cheeks and hug. antra see this from top and not happy.

in the morning g3,bma and akshi in mandir. and antra came and said she will help and said she know today is dhanteras and said akshi didnt do any puja . and g3 said dhantras puja done at night. and then natik came and antra and akshi and everyone did puja and natik left after saying bye to akshi. she left from the tempel and pray to god and prtend that she is hurt and everyone around her.

precape– naksh outside in park and akshi telling natik that while he is friend of sid and antra he need to make an move to get both come togather. and natik said yes.

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  1. ArVi & Naksh fan
    November 07, 21:15 Reply

    antara’s face was jst awesme to see in todays episode especially wen natik and akshara were romancing…….and wat has happened to people like tanu’s mom y is he behind anshu and, m’s everytime…..she is jst a crap in the serial….rajshri should jst slap her once so that she can realise her mistakes…..

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