1. Diane
    July 15, 07:18 Reply

    I love Jodha Akbar. Scenes are interesting and writers get to point.

  2. cuty m
    July 13, 19:29 Reply

    We are not happy with zee tv at all, they did not wish their muslims viewer ramadan kareem, even if it is at least once. They show us they don’t care. Star plus care n they are d best. Diire diire they are taking our hearts as they show they care 4r all. We lurv them 2.

  3. ummi
    July 13, 09:12 Reply

    I understand your point angel, maybe the CVS are coming from another angle like this, jodha knows she is pregnant and therefore she has to take extra measures to ensure both she and her child are safe for jalal even if it means fighting to do so and she also has full faith that her kahna will protect her child while she defends and protects herself from defilement by abul mali and his vile army of men,i also see sense in your point jadha, but where jalal isn’t present for now,his queens have to defend themselves since the soldiers have gone to the battle field,none of them would want any vile soldier to touch her,she’ll rather pick up a sword and destroy any of them that comes near her, I believe it’s a thing of pride for jalal that his wives want to safeguard themselves for him, as angel said “never underestimate a woman”i can’t wait to see them in action! Go Begums!show them the power of women!

  4. Teena
    July 13, 03:38 Reply

    Wow! Interesting . Jodha Akbar going 2 reach top1 n TRP

  5. meetisree
    July 12, 23:53 Reply

    it will be interesting how the things will work out

  6. jadha
    July 12, 13:07 Reply

    Jalal is capable of take of himself n his harem . It’s insult of him that he is captive n begums fights not good

    • jadha
      July 12, 13:08

      Take care of him n his harem

    • JA Rules
      July 12, 22:00

      What is wrong in this???

      The begins have to fight to protect themselves until JA comes and we all know that he WILL come. They are just protecting their honor until Ja makes his dramatic entrance and kicks abulmali’ s butt right out of this world.

  7. angel
    July 12, 12:07 Reply

    yeah finally the link is out

    some harem jalal has there

    never underestimate a woman

    • angel
      July 12, 12:14

      however, i don’t see the sense behind having a woman in her first trimester of pregnancy fighting like that and then expect the kid to be alright

      its ridiculous even for drama

    • JA Rules
      July 12, 12:33

      Chill no matter how often we complain about the logic in that the cv’s are not gonna listen or care so we might as well save our energy.

    • angel
      July 12, 13:09


      couldn’t stop myself from commenting abt it doh

  8. meetisree
    July 12, 12:01 Reply

    its nice
    written update is
    The scene opens and we can see all begums with ‘shamsheer’ (sword), Jodha says to all : “Abb hume ek sath milkar hamla karna hoga, Aaj hum saari auratein milkar ek naya itihaas rachaengi..” and After saying this, she says : “Akramann”..
    And all other begum say together : “Fateh, Fateh, Fateh..”

  9. Anna
    July 12, 10:53 Reply

    Ja has got a brave Harem on his troops of Army. I admire n support their bravery, guts, courage for defend their dignity, honour just like Ja will take care of his own.

    He do not need his army to rescue him but a harem capable to defending themselves. Instead of being prisoners they rather fight for themselves.

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